It is all possible!

You Really Can Have it All

Julie and her partner Ian got to a point where they asked themselves, where do we want to live and what kind of lifestyle do we want for ourselves? Their young professional lives were very work focussed to the point that every time they went on holidays, they’d be sick the entire trip as their busyness caught up to them.

Julie grew up in regional Victoria and knew she wanted to be an Accountant. She was awarded a scholarship at Deakin University and after hitting the pavement with her CV, soon landed a full-time job in an Accounting Practice while she studied. She was later poached by a recruiter in Melbourne to work for a boutique firm in the heart of the city. Her life revolved around work – coffee for breakfast, 70 hours work a week, evening drinks with colleagues and a 2am train back home before doing the same thing all over again.

When she graduated and completed her CA at 25, she was offered partnership at her practice but turned it down to take a short career break. She had met Ian at a backpacker’s hostel in New Zealand while on a trip with friends and he needed to head back to the UK with his VISA about to expire. They spent 4 months backpacking Asia together before moving to Sheffield outside of London. Julie packed up her life into a snowboarding bag and 2 boxes ready for the next adventure. She worked as an Internal Consolidation Accountant in a big company putting herself through the paces of intense corporate life again. While the role started out as challenging it quickly became monotonous and that’s when the pair began their conversations about the future and what they’d like their life to look like.

“I got to a point where I felt like I’d outgrown city culture, which is all about work and a recipe for burn out… I knew I wanted more,” said Julie.

The pair began the process of obtaining a spouse VISA for Ian so they could move back to Australia and when it went through much quicker than expected their timeline ramped up. They knew they didn’t want to live in a city, they wanted to finish work when it was still daylight and they wanted to enjoy weekends but they also wanted to have fulfilling careers.

Julie’s parents had moved to the South Coast of NSW and they had holidayed there often so the answer seemed obvious. Julie secured a job before they had even moved at an Accounting Practice in Nowra but it took some months for Ian – a Defence Aerospace Engineer, to find his fit. In fact, they had almost given up when some connections at the local networking group they became part of – Shoalhaven Professional Business Association (SPBA), helped find him the perfect opportunity.

Julie climbed the ladder as high as she could at her Practice and welcomed a new local opportunity when it came along at Financial Dynamics – a progressive Accounting Practice determined to do things differently. A year later she bought into the business and later had her baby ‘Ethan’. Today she is one of 3 directors running a dynamic business with a strong team culture in regional NSW.

While the juggle is real for Julie – balancing a full workload, mentoring others and being a mum, her passion and energy is contagious and its clear she wouldn’t have it any other way.




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