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Why Intrapreneurship is the new Buzzword

We have all heard of entrepreneurship and an individual launching a new enterprise but what is intrapreneurship?  

Intrapreneurship speaks to the same act of identifying an opportunity and taking it on – only in this case it’s in an organisation owned by someone else. 

Many leaders seek to encourage this behaviour – not just because it helps retain valuable employees but also because it has the opportunity to enhance their own company. 

So what is the value to the employee? 

Identifying opportunities within your own company and going after them are a great way of signalling to those around that you are ready and capable of more.  

It can lead to career progression down new paths without the risk of starting a new enterprise from scratch. 

Ask yourself, do I like where I work? 

Do the company’s values align with my own? 

Can I see an opportunity to do things differently? 

If so, how do I best articulate this business opportunity to my employer and pitch it to them? 

Nowchem People & Culture Manager Melissa Cox who started in Purchasing, worked her way into the People & Culture team as Supervisor and later became Manager after pitching several ideas she’d been working on to enhance productivity. 

Similarly, Eliza De Paoli started with the company in administration and is now a Director with a special focus on Nowchem’s ‘Cherub Rub’ organic baby products. Eliza could see enormous potential for promoting the brand and increasing its market share, which earned her the task and promotion. 

Nowchem Managing Director John Lamont says he encourages his team to think outside the square: 

“We invest in our people and we love it when they take the initiative to enhance our operations.” 

“When someone comes forward with ideas and a carefully considered business case, it shows me what they’re capable of.” 

U.S multinational Cisco has also viewed generational shifts in the way people work as something to embrace rather than be afraid of. The company has adopted a ‘one company, many careers’ approach with ‘stretch assignments’ and rotations to embrace the flexibility they say employees today seek. 

A workshop with South Coast Employers across a variety of industries that sought to determine the career value proposition of the region uncovered three key pillars: Balance, Growth & Community. The growth aspect speaks to the fact that if you have the right attitude, you’ll be given a go and that because regional businesses like those on the south coast don’t have an unlimited pool of skilled people to draw on, they are more likely to hire based on values and train up from there.  

So, if you’re on the South Coast looking for ways to grow your career, align yourself with an employer who shares your values and don’t be afraid to pitch your ideas! 


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