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When You Know, You Know

Sonia remembers the exact moment she decided to take the plunge and resign from her government role to pursue a career in the Community Services sector. Previously she’d felt torn, she enjoyed working for the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ, previously DOCS) and the remuneration was attractive, but she could see the appeal of making a difference in the community through frontline service delivery. 

“It was at a Mamma Mia concert in Sydney of all places that I suddenly knew I’d resign and take a leap of faith,” said Sonia. 

To this day she isn’t sure whether it was just taking stock on a fun night out, or the inspiration to create your own path and not fear a challenge but she is glad she listened. 

Sonia took a role at CareSouth as the Disability Services Manager, she then expanded into Out of Home Care Residential Manager, which was a new area for Sonia to branch into but she found many of her skills were transferrable to youth services and she enjoyed the role immensely. 

From there Sonia was invited to take on a new role at William Campbell Foundation setting up a supervised contact program. She later became the Manager for Out of Home Care, before becoming the Operations Manager. She admired Bill and his vision and was the obvious choice for CEO when Bill retired 7 years ago: 

“I’ve enjoyed all of the career opportunities I’ve had, and they have each been an important part of my journey.” 

“They also helped shape the kind of leader I want to be and as a result I always strive to be open and transparent. I’m conscious if I do something for one person in the team, I need to be willing to offer it to everyone to be fair.” Added Sonia 

Sonia is proud of what the William Campbell Foundation has achieved – opening a brand-new College 2 years ago, winning best not-for-profit organisation in the Illawarra Women in Business Awards in 2023 and being a finalist in the Shoalhaven Business Chamber Awards. Founder Bill Campbell has also been awarded an OAM for his dedication over many years to supporting kids. 

Read more about WCF and its success as an industry leader in the article ‘Regional Community Services Organisation Setting the Bar High’ on the Think Regional website: 



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