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When Growth Snowballs

Macey Insurance Brokers is built on the simple foundation that if staff are happy, clients are happy and when clients are happy, they not only renew each year, they refer their friends.

“When you have 4000 clients and even just 10% of those encourage their friends to reach out for a quote, that’s 400 new referrals each year. Last year we had 1100 new business enquiries, and our conversion rate is very good, so the compound effect of that growth becomes more significant each year – it has a snowball effect.” Said Managing Director Brendan Goddard.

The business has 4 offices in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and Macarthur region with over 35 staff employing a range of junior, mid-tier and senior insurance brokers, as well as Business Support staff.

“We are looking for 3 senior brokers across our company right now, recruitment is constant for us at the moment because of our growth.”

“We’ve just taken on a trainee and we often hire based on transferrable skills. Given that a degree isn’t required, if you’ve got good administration skills you can start out in an entry level position and move your way through the ranks fairly quickly if you want to.”

“We offer flexibility, a free income protection and life insurance program, a positive work environment, opportunities to socialise and get involved in the community through our charitable programs,” added Brendan.

While Macey’s was established in the 1970’s with Brendan’s dad Paul one of the Directors at the helm who has since retired, they still have a ‘family feel’ about the business:

“Everyone has each other’s back, it’s a really genuine team where people are given the support and training they need to succeed in their role so that they can enjoy it.”

“Everyone has an individual training plan, which is revised each year in order to work towards their goals and build a career here.”

Over two thirds of the Macey’s team have been with the company for more than 10 years, which is testament to the culture.

Throughout COVID while staff were able to work from home many chose to be on the office, which Brendan puts down to both the people and the facilities:

“We’re like a family here but we’ve also got modern, spacious offices. In Nowra, where I am based, we’re close to parking and the centre of town, which is handy.”

Today Brendan and Donna Dykstra are the two Directors of the business. Brendan describes himself as a leader who runs alongside his team.

“I’m not dictating rules from above or cracking the productivity whip, I focus on building a business with a great culture that’s focussed on positive client outcomes and that really pays off,” he noted.


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