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When accounting is a Team Sport

The moment you walk into Financial Dynamics you can tell it’s not like any other Accountant Practice you’ve been to. The light filled, modern suites look more like a luxurious Hampton getaway than your typical drab accounting office, with artwork, plants and pendant lights in lieu of old, messy filing cabinets.

The team of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors are located in the heart of Nowra and are passionate about going above and beyond for people – both their team and clients. Their values of people & family, growth and innovation are clear from the photography on their walls to the way they do business. All three directors have young families and are committed to placing value on the things that matter most – from celebrating milestones to team getaways most people could only dream about.

“We have a ‘Team Money’ policy whereby a percentage of sales is set aside when we make budget on any given week – until it reaches a balance where we can take all team members and their family away on a holiday. We’ve been to New Zealand, The Gold Coast, Las Vegas, The Hunter Valley and most recently Uluru,” said Director Julie Armistead.

It’s difficult to say whether it’s team money, the profit share system, modern facilities, or positive values-based culture that makes Financial Dynamics a great regional employer. They describe their team as tight knit and supportive – like a sporting team, where everyone is working together towards the same goals.

“I’ve worked in companies where financial incentives are destructive and pit people against each other – they do more harm than good. Here we are motivated to help each other succeed, we all play our part and treat each other with respect and dignity,” added Julie.

Financial Dynamics employs a range of Juniors Accountants (students), Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Senior Accountants, Managers, Directors and Administration team members and are committed to hiring local students each year to develop:

“Degrees teach you technical skills, but they don’t teach you how to be an Accountant, we have a strong mentoring and training program to do just that. We offer a generous textbook allowance, paid post graduate studies, paid membership to professional bodies and match each junior with a mentor.”

“Juniors don’t have to be young students either, we have career changers as well – we’ve hired a former greenskeeper and a former scaffolder in their late thirties/ early forties. We are committed to taking on juniors in January each year who align with our values and are motivated to learn,” noted Julie.


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