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Walsh & Monaghan – Training the Valuers of the Future

“I could employ two new Certified Practicing Valuers tomorrow if the right people came along – we are always looking for new talent,” says Walsh & Monaghan Business Development Manager Kara Duncan.

“We offer a clear pathway for those interested in property from Trainee Valuers, Graduate Valuers, Certified Practising Valuers, to Senior Valuers and a range of opportunities in between,” Kara adds.

Walsh & Monaghan opened its doors in the main street of Nowra in 1923 providing valuation services. Today, while still based in Nowra, it has offices across the South Coast and Southern Highlands and a trusted team of professionals.

The business is ‘Valuer of choice’ for government departments, councils and businesses, Families, partnerships, individuals, banks, businesses, local and state government bodies, independent and ASX listed companies – employing a range of property valuers and business experts.

In 2021 Walsh & Monaghan Directors established a unique workforce development program for strategic forward planning. It involves an annual recruitment drive and training to support homegrown talent to move through the ranks – allowing the business to continue to grow.

“We are really proud of our training and mentoring programs – partnering Senior Professionals with skilled emerging professionals who learn from each other in an environment of deep mutual respect. By doing so we really live up to our value of ‘wise head, young heart.’” Reflects Kara.

“As the team develops and takes on new roles our directors have more freedom to develop new business opportunities and work on major statewide projects.”

While the culture differs across the offices depending on the team, overall, they are a business that values people. They take the time to celebrate one another’s birthdays and milestones, support team members who are doing it tough and throw a mean party…

Given that their Christmas parties are famous for their spread and overnight stays we can’t wait to see what their 100-year birthday party will look like later this year!


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