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Understanding What Regional Career Builders Seek is Key

In recent weeks, we’ve delved further into the aspirations and needs of those building careers in our regional communities. Our findings have been enlightening. We recently collaborated with representatives from the Professional Services, Government, and Education sectors to uncover what makes the South Coast an attractive place for career growth. Key themes that emerged included the unique professional and personal community connections, a strong emphasis on collaboration and genuine relationships, and the region’s burgeoning opportunities due to significant growth. These discussions underscored the complexity and life-changing nature of choosing where to live and work.

Through our regional roadshow in partnership with Destination NSW and the Choose Tourism Program, Mel and Anna have been talking all things Think Regional. We’ve been engaging with the Hospitality and Tourism industries to explore how these businesses attract and retain skilled workers. It became clear that many of these regional employers excel at upskilling, mentoring, and developing their teams, yet they often fall short in effectively communicating these opportunities.

As always, our mission is to assist regional employers in highlighting their strengths and demonstrating why regional Australia is an ideal place for career advancement and personal fulfilment.

By collectively enhancing our storytelling, we can better attract and retain the talent essential for the continued growth and success of our communities.


Collaboration – A Game Changer in Appealing to New Employees