Trading the lights of London for the Meadows of Milton

When Tom and Libby Cupitt returned to Australia to get married in 2011, they weren’t expecting to stay, much less move to Milton and be part of the family business.

They worked a summer at Cupitt’s Estate on the South Coast of NSW and couldn’t believe how bustling the winery and small restaurant was – or help noticing the enormous potential the place had. They could see the pressure Tom’s parents were under and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

They soon abandoned plans to move to Melbourne, dove headfirst into every aspect of the business and fine-tuning systems. Tom’s background in engineering and eye for detail has been an asset in operations, while Libby’s background in town planning is ideal for strategic development, grant writing and subsequent planning applications to Council when funding for special projects comes through:

“We’ve grown exponentially in the last decade – adding a brewery, larger restaurant and facilities and even luxury villas onsite,” said Libby.

“Every day is different, there is problem solving, helping young people grow in confidence in their roles and I love the experiences we get to create for people. They come to our restaurant to celebrate milestones, make memories and have authentic conversations over a glass of wine – it’s a privilege to be part of that,” added Libby.

While Libby loved their years spent living and working in London after graduating from UNSW and initially took a moment to adjust to their new life, she now finds the city doesn’t have the same appeal it used to:

“It just doesn’t tick the boxes for me anymore and I always look forward to coming home after we visit places like Sydney.

“I’m never bored here, in fact I’m always busy and can’t seem to find time to do everything I want to do. There’s always a new art gallery exhibition, shop, café, restaurant or Bar to explore and driving from A-B is actually a pleasant experience. Its not the quiet country life you might expect.”

Many of Tom and Libby’s friends from the city are planning to also make the move, prompting the following advice:

“There are so many ways to meet people and become part of the community once you’re here. Once your kids are enrolled in school, sports and other groups – you’ll be embedded in no time!”


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