It is all possible!

To Stay or Not to Stay

I remember the day I came to Nowra for a job interview 16 years ago. It was my dream job, and the interview was gruelling, so my husband and I took a stroll down the main street afterwards to process our thoughts and contemplate the move if I was successful. Dan stopped to look at house prices in a shop front and unsurprisingly started warming to the idea. He had always wanted a house with a yard for a dog and small garden, but it had all seemed a little out of reach.  

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Huskisson, airing our thoughts with a walk along the beach, before excitedly talking about the possibilities over a nice dinner. That night I got the call, I was offered the job and when the celebrations died down the house hunting started. 

The day we moved, we made a quick dash to the supermarket to stock our bare pantry. We got chatting to the man in front of us in the line who immediately invited us to dinner when he learned we were new in town. We were quite stunned but came to learn that this is just what the community is like here – people genuinely care about one another. 

It didn’t take long to feel right at home and become embedded in the local community. While I loved my job, it was extremely demanding and I knew I needed to shift gears if we were to start a family. I printed my CV and made a coffee appointment with a lady who was very connected in the local business community and understood my situation. I wasn’t prepared for what she told me though. She said there are only two Media/Marketing jobs in this town, you’re in one of them and the other person will probably die in theirs so you’re better off leaving the area.  

I was stunned. I remember feeling so deflated, I loved this community, my life here, how could I leave it?  

It didn’t take me long to defiantly shake this feeling off and take charge. “If there isn’t a way, I’ll make a way”, I thought to myself. So, I made another coffee appointment, at the same place, this time with a local CEO. I pitched what I could do for his company and he hired me a week later. 

My husband and I still live on the South Coast with our beautiful kids. We have had every opportunity and more in our careers, businesses and community and we have never looked back. Sadly, all too many people are encouraged to leave unnecessarily – particularly bright young people when they leave Year 12 but the truth is there is an abundance of opportunity and you absolutely don’t have to sacrifice your career to love where you live. I really do believe you can have it all in regional Australia. I’m living proof. 


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