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Think Regional’s Workforce Attraction Strategy in Motion

Ahead of our December public launch last year, we published an article around some of the challenges the South Coast faces in terms of attracting the health professionals of the future to meet demand for service and industry expansion plans. Overcoming these challenges is Think Regional’s driving purpose and reason for existing.

We decided it’s important to share the journey we’ve been on since then, and where we are heading next…

Launch and Initial Campaigns

Following our public launch of Think Regional – an innovative solution to attract and retain skilled people in regional areas – we embarked on a campaign, ‘Grow Your Career in the New Year.’ It targeted holidaymakers to the South Coast and locals thinking about their next career opportunity. We grew our ‘Regional Career Builder Network’ – a skilled and engaged audience keen to learn about opportunities in regional areas like the South Coast. Since then, we’ve been regularly engaging this network with employment news from our featured employers, career tips, and open opportunities.

Incredibly Strong Campaign Impact

In April, we delivered an employment marketing campaign, ‘A Day in the Life of,’ which reached 33,000 people and resulted in thousands of unique visits to Think Regional’s website in just two weeks. Our current campaign, ‘Leaders who get it,’ is already tracking with a significantly higher reach. Employer partner Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy has achieved significant recruitment results in a very short period of time; read about their experience here.

Workshop and Industry Collaboration

Next, and most significant to this industry, was the Community and Health Services employment branding workshop we held with a wide and varied group of industry representatives at CareSouth’s Community Hub.

Focus industry groups highlighted numerous insights that our team has been busy compiling to define and create:

– An overarching target workforce, including the shared critical positions/careers that need filling across the industry on the South Coast (the collective skills shortage)

– The industry’s target workforce persona: a clear picture of the type of skilled people needed to fill these critical roles, the common themes of personal attributes they share, and their hopes and fears of building a regional career

– The employment value proposition (EVP) of the community and health services industry on the South Coast, with three key pillars identified as the unique benefits the region has to offer this target skilled workforce

– A collaborative employment marketing strategy for the community and health services industry which will deliver ongoing, creative employment marketing campaigns to promote the industry’s EVP and featured local employers, engaging with and nurturing the target workforce

These insights will be used to build awareness, engagement, and interest 

The community and health services employment industry page on Think Regional’s careers platform is in development and is scheduled for public launch in September/October. The launch will include a paid employment marketing campaign featuring Think Regional’s employer partners and the unique career value proposition they offer, with a particular focus on their alignment to the industry’s three key pillar EVP messaging.



Join our momentum to engage now with tomorrow’s Community + Health Professionals

With momentum swelling and the brand of Think Regional building, we anticipate the launch of the employment industry page to achieve even further reach and engagement with the target audience, with featured employers leveraging significantly in their recruitment as a result.

By knowing what this target audience is looking for and understanding the unique value proposition of this industry on the South Coast, we are tailoring messages that will truly engage regional career builders in the Health and Community Services Industry.

The latest research tells us that a regional career builder’s journey is 7.1 months long and requires 48 points of contact to move them from passive to active. It also tells us that corporates experiencing skills shortages are spending up to 50% of their marketing budget on employment branding, which is why, a regional collaborative approach is vital and why the journey must start now if we hope to meet future workforce demand.

For employers within the community and health services industry on the South Coast challenged by current and future workforce needs, we encourage you to get in touch today.


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