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The Power of Networking

CareSouth recently sponsored a Shoalhaven Business Chamber Business After Hours to showcase their impressive new South Nowra premises, launch some exciting new initiatives and highlight their successful ‘Care Dogs’ program, which was born out of a conversation at the 2022 Shoalhaven Business Awards Gala Event. 

CareSouth and Dog Force did very well at the awards and struck up a conversation around the potential use of trained ‘care’ dogs to assist with therapy and the deescalating of anxiety in stressful situations. 

The results speak for themselves, adorable pups like ‘Buddy’ have broken down barriers in 10 seconds that might have otherwise taken 10 sessions. Many staff enjoy having furry friends around the office to pat and smile at when emotions run high and others have enjoyed taking their ‘pets with purpose’ home. 

Shoalhaven Business Chamber President Jemma Tribe says it’s a great example of the power of networking: 

“One of the many benefits of networking events is the chance to hear about what others in the local area are doing and to consider ways of collaborating for mutual benefit.” 

“We hear so many examples of people helping each other solve problems, tackle challenges, come up with new ideas and partner on initiatives for the good of the community that would not otherwise have happened.” 

“Its a great reason to be involved in your local business chamber, attend community events and be open to building relationships because you just don’t know where they’ll lead,” she added. 


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