It is all possible!

The Choice is Yours

Growing up Brendan wasn’t really sure what his dad actually did for work, he knew they had a comfortable life and his dad enjoyed a great deal of flexibility – prioritising family as well being involved in the community but he had no idea what being an insurance broker entailed until he began working at Macey Insurance Brokers when he finished school.

As the youngest of 3 there was never any pressure to join the family business but Brendan soon saw the appeal.

“I had always been very focussed on sport at school and never really had an interest in going to uni.”

“One of the things that’s great about this industry is that its Diploma based, so you don’t have to go to uni if you don’t want to but can still earn what an Accountant or Lawyer might make as you progress in your career.”

Brendan did 4 years of study while working before moving to London for 12 months – taking a role in a corporate insurance office. The experience was an eye opener. Being a cog in a big corporate wheel with little to no variety or a clear opportunity to climb the ladder eventually caused him to rethink his future and consider the benefits of his hometown – Nowra.

Brendan had the opportunity to buy into the family business, learn the ropes and eventually take on the role of Managing Director. With a wife and kids of his own now who are heavily involved in sport, Brendan values the flexibility and lifestyle they enjoy.

“My commute is 10 minutes, so I have plenty of time to be involved in the Rugby Club and drive the kids around to their sport all weekend.”

“We love the beach and natural beauty of the area and there are so many things to be involved in.”

“My dad taught me the value of giving back to the community and its true that whatever you put in, you get twice as much back – it’s very rewarding.”

“Putting up my hand to do various roles over the years has always pushed me in my personal development and helped me make connections with like minded people who I can throw around ideas and solutions with.”

“You don’t have to be born and bred here to experience the benefits though, when people move here and intentionally put their hand up to be involved, they are welcome with open arms, the choice is theirs,” added Brendan.


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