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Risky Business – Cody Smith, A&D Tree Services

Being a leader is tough but being a leader in a high-risk industry comes with its own set of challenges. 

Cody Smith had always wanted to take over the family business A&D Tree Services Pty Ltd. He and his brother have fond memories of playing in the dirt after school, climbing trees, learning the equipment and the thrill of the job. 

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be doing this,” said Cody 

“I’ve always liked the adrenaline of climbing the big trees, driving trucks, using chainsaws and other plant and equipment – it’s really a childhood dream come true.” 

The mental load of that, however, is not what someone imagines about the job when they’re growing up. The day-to-day reality of the work is that teams of arborists will be out at various sites in different conditions each day with varying degrees of risk that are all measurably higher than your average workplace. 

“While our arborists are all highly skilled, qualified and supervised, I’m acutely aware of the risks and safety requirements involved in our line of work and knowing that at the end of the day you are responsible can weigh very heavily on you.” 

“We instil in our crew to stick together, look out for each other and follow procedure but it’s definitely a mental load I carry,” adds Cody. 

Cody has done a considerable amount of personal development and training to sharpen his leadership skills – including undertaking the DISC personality profile to understand his own communication style and how he can adapt it if the situation calls for it. 

Cody says he’s still on a journey: “I’ll be the first to admit I’ve still got work to do; doing the job, working on the business and managing people are all very different skill sets and I’m determined to get there,” he said. 

“We have a good reputation for being reliable, we’ve invested heavily in equipment to take some of the physical load of the job off and our business is growing – so there is plenty of good news.” Added Cody. 

To learn more about A&D Tree Services and what makes them unique visit their page. 


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