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Regional Business Harnessing the Benefits of AI

While discussions about Artificial Intelligence (AI) may invoke thoughts of robots ruling the world, the reality is AI is integrating into our lifestyles quickly and in ways we might not have imagined. 

From suggested email replies and automatic minute taking, to the more complex data analysis tools, businesses are harnessing AI to do the heavy lifting in manual tasks. This not only saves time, but it also increases the productivity of staff and allows them to focus on value adding. 

Nowchem has put two of their best and brightest on the case. Methods Analyst Raj and Technical Manager Tom have been investigating ways to utilise AI to gain efficiencies in the business, while researching available tools and testing their capacity. 

They have already found some innovative solutions, including software that reads the requirements of their industry such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and reads their own internal policies and procedures documentation to identify if there are any discrepancies to address – a time saving process to ensure compliance and prepare for audits. 

Raj has been looking a tools like ‘Microsoft Copilot’ to examine its benefits, reading weekly updates to stay on top of its advancements and asking it questions to determine if it can handle what they need it to do. 

Both Raj and Tom suspect that numerous roles within Nowchem will involve the use of AI-based tools, and now is the time to investigate what is currently possible and likely to be possible in the near future.  

“The applications we are using are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Raj – who has customised GPT to solve problems in his role faster. 

“The technology is advancing every day,” he added. 

This rebuts potential fears of AI reducing the number of jobs: 

“AI Technology is of no value if there is no one to feed it information,” says Tom. 

“It requires data to be structured in a certain way in order to analyse it and look for trends.” 

“This provides efficiencies on a micro task level, taking out the monotony of certain roles,” he added. 

The human touch also comes into play in the implementation of time saving software. 

“Teaching the technical skills to utilise a given tool is one thing but having the emotional intelligence to help end users adopt it is also important,” says Tom 

“Nowchem has been operating for 50 years and has a very high staff retention rate of 10, 20 plus years so there are deeply embedded process and practices that exist.” Noted Tom. 

Thankfully Nowchem has a culture of welcoming fresh ideas: 

“New people bring new perspective and one of the reasons Nowchem has been so successful is that we embrace this, which is important in both in laboratory and on the manufacturing floor where change and innovation is critical,” added Tom. 



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