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QintetiQ Puts South Coast Jobs on World Stage

QintetiQ – a leading science and engineering global company acquired the Shoalhaven’s ‘Air Affairs Australia’ in late 2022 to become ‘QinetiQ Air Affairs’.

QintetiQ Air Affairs is a defence services company – a leader in air threat representation providing targets and training services to the Australian Defence Force.  They employ around 180 people, most of whom are based at their Nowra Headquarters. QAA also provides aerospace training services, has an impressive advanced manufacturing facility in Nowra and a fleet of Learjet and King Air aircraft.

QinetiQ Air Affairs partnered with Shoalhaven Business Chamber and Bundanon Trust to host the 2024 Super Dinner – celebrating strategic partnerships in the local business community.

QAA’s General Manager for Aviation Operations, Nick Mair, told attendees the merger provided a unique opportunity for local workers.

“QintetiQ has offices all over the world in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and USA, meaning there could be opportunities to gain global experience,” Mr Mair said.

“This also puts Shoalhaven based jobs on the world stage so it presents some exciting possibilities for this community.”

Mr Mair uitilised the platform to share the company’s commitment to the region and to diversify its workforce.

He stressed the importance of being good corporate citizens.

“We are mindful that this is a thriving community we’ve engaged with and we want to utilise local goods and services as much as possible to ensure it can continue to thrive,” added Mr Mair.


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