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Millie’s Move

Millie had worked for a few Media/Marketing Agencies when she knew she was ready for a change. She took a Customer Advisory role within KPMG in an emerging team that grew very quickly. 

The ‘choose your own adventure’ nature of management consulting appealed to Millie who went into the business with a digital marketing specialisation but soon developed a keen interest in finance. 

She worked on various projects with a ‘financial processes and risk transformation’ focus – particularly in the banking sector post the Royal Commission into Financial Services. 

In 2020 it became clear Australia would soon head into a lock down due to COVID. Millie’s husband being from Italy meant they were acutely aware of the situation there and what might unfold here. They made the decision to pack up their kids and leave Sydney to head to the Snowy Mountains where Millie’s parents lived. 

Weeks turned into months, and they enjoyed the lifestyle of hiking every day. Millie knew based on projects she’d worked on that it was possible to move to regional areas and work remotely in the consulting space. One day, when her and husband were hiking, he remarked that he was going to be a ‘yes man’ for a day. She took the opportunity to tell him that she wanted to sell their place in Sydney and look a for a property in a regional area.  What else could he say?

The next weekend they left the twins with her parents, packed up their place in Sydney, listed it on the market and began searching for a lifestyle property. While they couldn’t physically inspect any properties during COVID they did drive by one of interest in Braidwood and a double rainbow overhead upon arrival sealed the deal. 

Millie worked remotely for 3 years while living at the property before again feeling the tug that it was time for change in her professional life. She was eager to be involved in the community in which she lived and knew the ‘Mona Farm Group’ nearby were looking for a new General Manager. 

One coffee and chat led to her signing the paperwork a week later and only 10 months in Millie reflects on the whirlwind journey: 

“Years in Management Consulting has taught me the skill of going into a brand-new business, knowing the right questions to ask and uncovering the challenges that need solving. 

“While I don’t come from the visitor economy sector, I know the answers and expertise are in the business and its about facilitating outcomes with the resources and people around me.” Millie noted. 

While Management Consulting is ‘project based’ – working with different people and subject matters at different times, Millies is enjoying the deeper connections she is forming: 

“I really enjoy that I’m not just recommending policies or ideas, I’m able to make the decision, implement the changes and live with the decision.” 

“It feels very meaningful, particularly when you look at the impact of these decisions on the people we employ and the local economy we are contributing to.” 

“I also find the industry very fulfilling – we are creating happy memories for people and helping them celebrate life’s special occasions. It’s very rewarding,” added Millie. 

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