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Making a Conscious Decision About the Kind of Leader You Want to Be – Mick Green

Mick recalls a time when he had two senior supervisors with very different leadership styles… It left a strong impression on him. One used intimidation to get the job done, the other had an open communication style that allowed direct reports to feel comfortable approaching him. Mick consciously decided there and then that if he was ever in that kind of senior leadership position, he’d model himself on the latter… 

In his late teens Mick, who grew up in Moruya, did an apprenticeship in Carpentry before moving to the Northern Territory. He later moved to Sydney working on project homes before progressing to a supervisor role. A change of structure in the company prompted a move to Canberra where he decided to get ‘back on the tools.’ 

A few years later Mick moved back to Moruya to be close to family and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. He later moved further up the South Coast to take on a building Supervisor role before being promoted to Area Construction Manager.  

While Mick always managed to work well with his senior leaders in this role, he could see the effects of their different approaches on the rest of the team.  

“One caused a lot of stress and anxiety for his subordinates that I really didn’t think was necessary and it caused good people to leave.” 

“The other was more understanding and inspired loyalty in the team,” Mick added. 

One of those who did leave that work environment soon encouraged Mick to make the move as well. 

Today Mick is the General Manager of Construction for Hotondo Homes South Coast.  

“I try to remind myself often about the kind of leader I want to be and it’s not someone who berates or belittle others for asking a question.” 

“We’ve all done the DISC personality profile training so I’m conscious that not everyone’s communication style is the same as mine and I try to adapt it based on who I’m speaking to.” Mick added. 

Outside of work Mick has coached sporting teams at a high level and is still involved in Horse Competitions.  

He says he’ll often come home from work and get a few horses out in the round yard for a run: 

“Horses are a great way of managing emotions, if I’m agitated or negative, they’ll pick up on it and let me know.” 

“It’s a great way of checking myself after a tough day,” he added. 

To learn more about Hotondo Homes South Coast and opportunities to join their team visit: 


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