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Leading by Example – Bryden Krebs, Berry Vet Clinic

Bryden’s unassuming, warm nature, makes it easy to understand why he isn’t fond of hierarchies and prefers to treat everyone equally. 

Bryden studied Veterinary Medicine at Charles Sturt University before becoming a Vet at Berry Vet Clinic in 2013 and later taking on the ownership of the clinics in Berry and Shell Cove with his wife Sarah.  

While he loves his industry, he is very aware of its shortcomings: 

“Often people become a veterinarian because they love animals but they don’t realise it can be very intense.” 

“Sometimes the work we do, and the conversations we have are hard, so building relationships and trust with people is really important.” 

“So is managing the work week to ensure there is time for breaks, family and team wellbeing.” Added Bryden. 

Berry Vet Clinic have structured their business differently to most, dividing operations into 3 parts; Business Support, Vet Nursing and Vets – each with an equally important role within the business and managers with an equal say in how things get done. 

“One of the first things people notice in our business is the way we treat each other with respect and put our patients first always.” Said Bryden. 

“We make sure everyone is heard and valued.” 

“It never felt right to put myself on a pedestal as the vet, Sarah and I made a conscious decision to do things differently and the satisfaction of our team speaks for itself.” 

While Berry Vet Clinic was once made famous for the TV series it featured in – treating small companion animals in the clinic and large farm animals on rural properties around the region, today, they strive to be famous for the way they treat people: 

“Whether it’s those all-important interactions on the phone, helping a team member achieve their career aspirations, or giving someone a hug who is dealing with difficult news we know the little things can make a big difference.” 

Berry Vet Clinic envisages a future where veterinary practices will put family, wellness and consciousness at the forefront of their business decisions. To find out more read: 



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