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Lawyers Putting People First – Deb Russell, Steve Warwick & Jack Miller

Anyone who knows Deb Russell, knows she is “determined” to go the extra mile. Her journey with Carter Ferguson Solicitors is nothing short of inspirational. She purchased the firm in 2012 and quickly put her stamp on the business, marking the beginning of a transformation where people can feel comfortable – genuinely supporting clients, staff and the community.

Under Deb’s leadership, Carter Ferguson Solicitors ceased to be just a law firm; it became a cornerstone of trust and reliability for its clients, staff, and the community at large. Starting with a single office, Deb swiftly expanded the firm to encompass six offices across the South Coast within five years. This rapid growth was not just about business expansion; it was a testament to Deb’s unwavering commitment to serving more people and making a tangible difference in their lives.

One of Deb’s pivotal decisions was inviting some of her senior leadership team to join her as Directors. This move not only empowered her colleagues but also laid the foundation for sustained growth and innovation within the firm. Today, she leads the business with Steve Warwick and Jack Miller – both of whom embody Carter Ferguson’s core values of respect, collaboration, and community engagement.

Steve and Jack’s leadership alongside Deb’s ensures that Carter Ferguson Solicitors remains deeply embedded in the fabric of their local communities. Beyond legal expertise, the firm stands as a beacon of support and advocacy, reflecting Deb’s vision of a legal practice that goes above and beyond for its clients and stakeholders.

While personality wise, the trio differ, they view their diversity as a significant advantage for Carter Ferguson Solicitors: “Deb is very dynamic and will often have amazing ideas, Jack will consider them with questions and I’ll get us all to talk it through until we find an outcome we’re happy with, it works well.” said Steve.

Steve has practiced law for 24 years in Kiama and ironically is working in the very office he started in, which has seen a few iterations: “Coming across to Carter Ferguson felt like coming home and not just because of the familiar office, the values really align with my own – putting people and community first.” added Steve.

Jack Miller who is based primarily in the Nowra office, is similar – rejecting the stuffy, corporate look that many law offices go for: “I much prefer the ‘loungeroom lawyer’ style where people don’t feel intimidated but can just be themselves and know that we have their situation in hand.” said Jack.

“We want our staff to feel comfortable too, we offer a lot of flexibility and the opportunity to give back to the local community.”

“Rachael started with us as a university intern and has worked her way up to senior solicitor. We’ve supported her to complete her master’s degree – there is no limit to what’s possible.”

“The beauty of having multiple offices is that staff can choose where they want to be based, and it also allows for our clients to visit an office nearest to them.” added Jack.

Despite their down to earth approach, Deb, Steve and Jack are exceptional at what they do and are industry leaders in their respective areas of law. They are committed to growing local talent and are always up for a coffee career chat.

“We’ve all been there ourselves, so we’re committed to providing people with an opportunity” added Jack.

To find out more about working with this diverse leadership team, and growing your career with Carter Ferguson visit here.



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