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A Regional Employer Helping You Find More than Your Niche

‘I’ve never worked anywhere like this’, is a commonly expressed remark at Alkath Group a Defence Contractor based in Nowra providing bespoke solutions to the Defence force in both infrastructure (through their Global Defence Solutions {GDS} arm) and electronic warfare (through their Mellori arm).

The company employs a variety of skilled professionals and STEM based experts in Accounting, Marketing, WHS, Logistics, Contracts Management, IT and Engineering, along with a range of trades people such as Industrial Painters, Welders, Fabricators, Textile Machinists, Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Technicians, Business Support roles and more.

“The quality of our facilities is quite impressive. With Defence as our primary customer and ISO accreditation to maintain – we hold ourselves to a high standard,” said Head of Enterprise Services Heather Nethery.

“Some are also surprised to find that our salaries are competitive with Sydney rates, but we are conscious that we are competing for the same skills.”

Alkath Group has experienced major growth over the past 24 months going from roughly 30 staff to 80 and introducing remote offices in both Adelaide and Toowoomba.

What started out as a Family business in 1998 has come a long way:

“This year we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the company along with our usual Christmas festivities – so it will be an elaborate affair! While we are no longer the small family business we once were, those elements of caring about and looking after each other still shines through very strongly,” notes Heather.

“Our culture is supportive, fun and energetic- we love working towards the next big goal, having our monthly catch ups with a BBQ or pizza and really valuing our people.”

“We are big on investing in our people through both inhouse training but also supporting those who’d like to study externally and expand their roles. They might start in one area because of their technical expertise but we recognise their leadership/management potential and help them develop those skills as well for example.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time sharpening our processes and worked hard at being aware of each other’s differences to appreciate them and normalise conversations around that. It means that we aren’t working against people, we are working with them and I can’t wait to see where the next 25 years takes us,” concludes Heather.



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