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Financial Dynamics ‘Strategic Evolution’

Financial Dynamics leadership could be described as a ‘strategic evolution’. While it has developed and flourished over the last 6 years under a fresh Directorship team, some very conscious decision making has driven the change. 

Directors Darren, Shane, Julie and incoming Director – Sharlina, have all had their own career journey before buying into the business, each juggling family life and work. When the former founding Directors transitioned out of the business several years ago, the new Directors decided to spend some time articulating their values and vision. It was clear that family was a huge priority for each of them and as part of that – the division of responsibilities to ensure the effective running of the business without it becoming unmanageable for any one person. Today, with family first at the heart of their values, family members are often included in events like the upcoming EOFY dinner and holidays funded by ‘Team Money’.  

Their propensity to embody a supportive ‘sporting team like’ culture also emerged throughout the rebranding process, which they have embraced: 

“We each have different strengths that we bring to the team and if we have a difference of opinion, it usually leads to better outcomes,” said Julie. 

All Directors sit in different quadrants of the DISC personality profile – meaning they each bring a unique perspective to the table. It also offers different leadership styles to the broader team. 

“Typically, accounting teams are very siloed.” Said Shane 

“But here we all work together towards a common goal so there’s an opportunity to learn from everybody.” He added. 

The leadership team meet regularly to report on their areas of responsibility and work through complex issues. With continued growth anticipated they are always on the lookout for new talent: 

“There are lots of opportunities within our business, Sharlina started out as a Junior Accountant and has progressed to Manager, so there is no limit to what people can achieve.” Said Darren. 

“We regularly check in with those we are mentoring/coaching and asking them where they want to be in 10 years to help them get there,” he added. 

Sharlina says while she always had ambition to take on more responsibility, she fundamentally aligns with the values of FD: 

“It’s the kind of office where people’s loved ones feel comfortable to pop in with kids and say hi.” 

“We care about everyone, their families and anything they are going through – it’s a great culture to be part of,” she added. 

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