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Family, Quality, Community

When we talk to students on the South Coast about considering a role with Nowchem (Nowra Chemical Manufacturers) they often come back with ‘but I’m not a Chemist or Scientist,’ to which we reply, ‘you don’t have to be!’ Said People and Culture Manager, Melissa Cox

Nowchem is an Australian owned chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing business that employs 85 people across its two sites in Nowra in a range of operational but also business support roles explains Mel:

“We employ 6 chemists in our industrial laboratory but there are also apprentice welders, boilermakers, truckdrivers and plenty of warehouse, admin, compliance, finance, sales, maintenance, supply chain roles and more.”

“Often people start in one area and move up as they grow. Brittany for example started with us at the age of 16 on a school-based traineeship before working 1 day a week on reception and today at 21 she manages our accounts department.”

“We employ based on culture not skill, so if someone is inline with our values of family, quality and community, we can train them from there.”

“I think in regional areas we are accustomed to identifying potential and certain attributes in people to develop them because we know we don’t have the same large talent pool to draw on that cities do. This means if you have the right attitude, chances are you’ll be given a go!”

Nowchem was established by John (Senior) and Fay Lamont in 1977 before their son John took the reins. Despite the significant growth and international demand for their products, they continue to see themselves as a family business:

“John and Fay still come to our quarterly BBQ’s and social catch ups. They know everybody’s names and even their kids’ names too. Everyone’s up for a laugh, which makes it a fabulous place to work,” added Mel.

Nowchem is not resting on its laurels though and has its eyes on the future:

“We’ve invested a lot into automation and at the same time increased the number of jobs, its about increasing efficiencies and adding value.”

“We will continue to pursue advanced manufacturing opportunities and will no doubt be looking for engineers in the future to optimise potential. With those advancements we’ll be looking for more support staff and trainers to train them, so the cycle of growth and enhancement continues,” noted Mel.



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