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Employment news: South Coast Centre of Excellence

The South Coast Centre of Excellence is an industry-led project promoting career pathways in hospitality and tourism to encourage staff attraction and retention.

CoE has been supporting ‘career’ pathways into the sector and tackling perceptions head on that hospitality and tourism has limited long-term career opportunities.

The program has been very successful, attracting new career builders, upskilling them and increasing the capacity of business owners through professional development opportunities.

Making locals aware of the producers/operators that exist through familiarity tours and encouraging the formal formation of others through the Indigenous Familiarity Tours is an important legacy of the Centre.

Tourism and Hospitality are important industries for the South Coast for locals and visitors alike – with the region boasting world class operators.

If you’re a South Coast based employer operating a business in the Tourism or Hospitality Industries, you can learn more about the final upcoming workshops of SCCoE by visiting:


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