It is all possible!

Building the employment brand of regional Australia from the inside-out.

What if regional career opportunities were as well known, understood, and attractive as those in metro areas, and regional businesses had the people skills, capabilities and capacity to realise their fullest potential?

Think Regional exists to support fulfilling lives by stimulating human, business and economic growth in regional Australia. It is an innovative, collective approach to building awareness of regional careers – promoting the opportunities that exist and the pathways into them.

Education providers are an important stakeholder in this discussion. Students and career builders may require additional vocational education and training to take advantage of available employment opportunities or to upskill as they develop their careers. Our aim is to share this real time data with you.

Regional opportunities are starting to be recognised and now is the time for momentum with many voices.

Shaping the Future of Careers in Regional Australia

At Think Regional, our mission is clear: to foster fulfilling lives while driving human, business, and economic growth in the heart of regional Australia. We’re not just an initiative; we’re a movement dedicated to illuminating the myriad career opportunities and pathways available in this vibrant region. And we believe that education providers are pivotal to this mission.

Education providers, like you, play a vital role in shaping the aspirations and skills of students and career builders. In regional Australia, where unique opportunities abound, vocational education and training can be the catalyst for unlocking the full potential of our community members.

Regional higher education providers are essential in building careers in regional centers because they bridge the gap between education and employment, cater to local needs, support economic development, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. They play a pivotal role in empowering individuals to pursue fulfilling and sustainable careers within their own regions.

It is all possible in Regional Australia

Think Regional is an innovative, collective strategy to activate regional employment in Australia. With shared belief comes value, with broad visibility comes awareness, and with genuine connection comes real engagement.

By joining the Think Regional community, you gain access to real-time data and insights that can inform your educational offerings. This data is a powerful tool for aligning your programs with the ever-evolving needs of regional students and the job market. As the voice for regional opportunities grows louder, there’s no better time to be part of this momentum.

Climbing regional labour demand.

The National Skills Commission reported online advertised regional job vacancies surged to 93,000 in March 2023, marking a 10.1% rise compared to a year earlier.

Wellbeing is the #1 priority for people in the workplace.

Employee wellbeing is the new workplace imperative according to the State of the Global Workplace 2022 report.

Human Resource capabilities of regional business

With more than 250k small-medium businesses in regional Australia, 70% have little to no internal HR capabilities according to the Society of Human Resource Management.

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