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Discovering the Potential and Interests Adel Didn’t Know She Had

Adel, a qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineer and her husband (also an Engineer), knew they wanted to immigrate to Australia from South Africa before deciding to get the VISA application process underway in 2018. When the application was lodged in December of that year Adel began to weigh up her options. She considered undertaking her PhD in Newcastle but was also offered a full-time Engineering role at Alkath Group in Nowra on the NSW South Coast.

The small-sized defence contracting company offered to provide temporary accommodation and transport for Adel and her husband – making the decision an easy one in the end.

They were unsure how long it would take Adel’s husband to find employment, but it wasn’t long before he made connections at the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association network meetings and secured two part time roles – one with Global Defence Solutions (GDS), which is within the Alkath Group and where he now works full time.

The pair enjoy the relaxed pace of Aussie life and are particularly fond of the outdoors. Adel’s husband has what she describes as ‘a fishing problem’ and one that she only now knows exists – since they used to live 6 hours from the ocean in Pretoria.

Initially when they arrived in Australia it was winter and the wind was quite severe at the time so it took them a while to find their new hobbies that they now can’t imagine living without:

“It was a bit of a culture shock at first and we missed being 10 mins down the road from 3 big shopping centres for example but as we discovered things like snorkelling and kayaking, we began to really enjoy those things and now when we do want to do any shopping we just make a day of it by driving to Shellharbour or Wollongong.” Tells Adel.

They have since bought a house and are committed to staying in the region:

“We hate traffic and apartment style living where everyone is on top of each other, we enjoy having our own space and seeing kangaroos on the way to work. We find people here very friendly and welcoming.”

“I’ve also really enjoyed the variety I now have in my career. I previously worked in a large company where roles were very specialised and repetitive. I’ve been able to have more freedom and grow in more than just the technical aspects of my role – it’s very rewarding,” added Adel.


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