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Crossing Paths with Macey Insurance Brokers

As with everything else in life, career paths are shifting.

They aren’t the clearly mapped out, well defined paths they may have once been. Those involved a straight line, with a beginning, predictable checkpoints and an end. Path walkers may have stopped enjoying the road they were on years before, but they trudged along out of a sense of duty and perhaps even out of a sense of feeling ‘stuck’.

Today’s paths are not always linear. They aren’t isolated and viewed narrowly in terms of job titles; they are often categorised by ‘skills’ with many different paths intersecting each other. Path walkers can change direction based on their values, evolving needs and passions.

Macey Insurance Brokers understand this and have had a great deal of success attracting regional career builders from other industries:

“We hire based on skills, attitude and values – we can teach the rest,” said Managing Director Brendan Goddard.

“We attract former Accountants, Lawyers and Business Administration professionals because they find it very easy to adapt to our processes, but our workplace culture better aligns with what they’re looking for and the remuneration is similar.”

“Our hours, flexibility and locations are ideal for working parents and you have the opportunity to take a career here as far as you want to – the sky is the limit,” he added.

While you don’t need a degree to become an insurance broker, skills in; analytical thinking, mathematics, customer service, persistence, economics and communication are highly desirable. Industry specific education modules and training are available along with regular professional development opportunities like annual conferences.

“Its not uncommon for people to get to a point where they want more out of life,” said Brendan.

“They want to utilise their skills in a career but they also want time to take their kids to sport, or have an opportunity to give back to the community – they can do all of those things at Macey’s and we see people changing paths by making a conscious decision to transfer their skills here,” he added.

Career Coffee Invitation

If you’re a regional career builder examining the path you’re on right now have you thought about the skill set you possess and where else it could be valuable? For example, are you a finance, legal or administration professional who aligns to the culture at Macey Insurance Brokers? If so, there is an open invitation for an obligation free coffee chat with Managing Director Brendan Goddard to talk about your career aspirations and how they could align with Macey’s. Email to arrange today.


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