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Community When You Need it Most

Kara had been in the role of Business Development Manager at Walsh & Monaghan less than 3 months when her cancer diagnosis came. She was appointed on the 31st of January 2022 – selected from a strong field of candidates and couldn’t wait to throw herself into the role. She took a weeklong holiday with the family before starting the job and felt something wasn’t quite right with her right breast. The diagnosis came out of left field mid-April when she faced the directors and said, “look you didn’t sign up for this, I’ll step aside.” To which they replied “no, we chose you.”

They continued to support her, approving reduced hours and work from home opportunities with meetings as needed. 3 surgeries, 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiotherapy later -Kara is back on her feet, managing a busy team of professionals and applying her business acumen sharpened over many years. She is incredibly grateful for the support of the management team and likens it to the support you experience in a regional town:

“People genuinely care about one another, the community rallies around people in need and when you walk down the street there is always someone to say hello to. These foundational relationships are fundamental to life.”

While getting sick was certainly an unwelcome curveball, Kara is grateful for the perspective it’s given her on life, family, enjoying moments and in managing staff. As a HR Manager, Kara has a strong empathy for the struggles people walk through and is all the more passionate about equipping them for that journey.

She is also passionate about seeing people succeed in whatever success looks like for them – overseeing a major workforce development program in-house, training up young professionals for the future.

Kara, her husband and 3 children moved to the South Coast 9 years ago for the career opportunities, beautiful environment and lifestyle. Her husband took a role within the Dairy Industry and after visiting the region, she could see plenty of potential for the rest of the family too.

“Everything you need is right here. Whether its beaches, shops, uni’s, schools, employment opportunities, medical services or the airport close by,” she added.



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