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Collaboration – A Game Changer in Appealing to New Employees

Recruitment has typically been a challenge for Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy (SOT) with Occupational Therapists (OT’s) in high demand Australia wide – particularly in regional areas.  

In April, SOT partnered with Think Regional to showcase their unique Employer Value Proposition (EPV) and the results have been staggering. 

SOT have recently attracted an OT, an Allied Health Assistant and an Administration team member after incorporating EVP messaging into their job ads. Social media has also been a crucial tool in amplifying their EVP. By consistently posting engaging content that reflects the message that Think Regional is also sharing online, they’ve been able to reach a wider audience. This strategy has proven to be particularly effective in attracting younger professionals who often turn to social media when researching potential employers. 

Claire, the owner of SOT has noticed the difference since becoming a Think Regional Employer Partner and understanding how to talk about her EVP: 

“I don’t know where they’re all coming from. There were no OT’s applying last year. The only difference is the work we’re doing with Think Regional,” she remarked.  

Not only has SOT seen an increase in the number of OT applications, but the quality of candidates has also improved. This influx of talent allows the business to be more selective, ensuring they bring on board individuals who are not only qualified but also a great cultural fit. 

Moreover, the positive impact on their recruitment efforts has also bolstered employee morale. Current staff members take pride in seeing their workplace recognised and celebrated online, which in turn reinforces their commitment to the company.  

Think Regional’s online collaboration with SOT highlights the transformative power of effective regional employer branding. By leveraging employee stories and maximising the reach of social media by both Think Regional and SOT working together, they’ve been able to significantly enhance their appeal to potential candidates.  

Think Regional Founder/Director Anna Finch says it stories like these that showcase why Think Regional exists: 

“No one business or industry can create a positive regional employment brand on their own but by collaborating and using an evidence-based approach we can attract and retain skilled people to ensure regional businesses thrive.” 

To find out more about employment partnerships visit our Employers page.


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