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A Day in the Life of… An Organisation and Methods Analyst: From Intern to Employee

As an Intern Raj had developed a good understanding of Nowchem’s warehouse management system, as a Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management student he had analysed others. When it came time for his final Masters capstone project, he decided to compare the systems and suggest ideas Nowchem could adopt to gain efficiencies. Raj and his group scored so highly they ranked first in the class and Raj still remembers the moment he presented the piece of work to Nowchem Managing Director John Lamont: 

“You realise what this means now?”  

“You need to come and do this in reality.” Said John. 

Raj has been at Nowchem for 2 years and has enjoyed applying his learnings to the real world: 

“The biggest learning has been around tweaking ideas to utilise systems that are already in place (that users are already familiar with), so they are more easily adopted.” 

“Installing QR codes has also been a really practical way of collecting data, as its also time stamped so nobody is walking around with a stopwatch timing people do aspects of their job, but we can still capture so much information.” 

On the day he graduated from The University of Wollongong Raj’s managers were there along with his parents who flew to Australia to mark the occasion. 

The Nowchem family threw a party for him in the conference room to celebrate and Raj could see the tears in his mum’s eyes as his parents beamed with pride. 

His parents have travelled all over the world for work but fell in love with the South Coast of Australia and are already planning their next trip. 

Today Raj is still looking at ways to gain efficiencies across the business harnessing industry 4.0 principles and utilising AI. 

He is constantly reading up on upgrades to various software and says the technology is rapidly changing: 

“Every day there are advancements, there are certain tools I’ll test one day to see if they can handle what we need them to do and the next day the results can be different – it is advancing that rapidly.” 

Some of the tools Raj has implemented have taken the heavy lifting out of several roles in the company freeing up the team to do less monotonous work. 

“I’m excited to see how we can continue to adopt technology in the future,” Raj added. 

Nowchem’s Director John Lamont and People & Culture Manager Melissa Cox love the opportunity to connect with people at community events and are always on the lookout for their newest superstar recruit. You’ll find them at many of our local regional events, come along and say hi. 


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