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A Day in the Life of an Arborist Supervisor/Estimator:  A Career That Could Take you all over the World 

Dylan did a semester at Canberra uni studying Industrial Design and while he had a natural talent, he decided book work and being chained to a desk wasn’t for him. 

It wasn’t long before his dad said, ‘well you aren’t sitting around here all day’ and put him to work in the family business at A&D Tree Services. 

Dylan started out cutting up firewood at 19. He remembers the first time he watched a head climber on the job and said he became ‘very keen’ to learn those skills. 

Dylan has since obtained his Certificate 3 Arborist qualification along with ‘all the different tickets’ i.e. truck drivers, EWP, chainsaw, bobcat and excavator licenses as well as First Aid. 

While still working on complex jobs he also meets clients to quote on jobs, books them in and checks in with different crews to see if they need his support. 

“The thrill of climbing big trees is still there for me after 10 or 11 years, I’ve worked all across the business and no two days are the same.” 

“I enjoy having a laugh with the boys and also teaching people about what a healthy tree is in case pruning is a better option if there isn’t a threat to life or property.” 

According to Dylan emergency jobs on the South Coast are more common – particularly after a big storm. 

“I went out to see a tree that was about to fall on a house in Berry and we had a crew there within hours.” 

“That’s one of the unique things about us, we drop everything for emergency jobs and have a reputation for being responsive.” 

“Another point of difference is our machinery and equipment. We can tackle big jobs without people climbing every day and wearing themselves out.” 

“The variety here is also great for career longevity – people can move into the ground clearing or firewood part of the business, (which are less physically intense) if they want to,” he added. 

Dylan grew up riding motorbikes through the bush and mountain terrains of the South Coast or surfing and still enjoys those hobbies today. 

When asked if he would recommend his career to others he said: 

“This job can take you all over the world. There is a big forestry industry in Canada, The US, England and they are always looking for experienced climbers,” he added.  

To find out more visit A&D’s Featured Employer page on our website: 


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