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A Day in the Life of an Allied Health Assistant (AHA)… Well two actually

Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy are one of the few practices that not only readily accept AHA Students doing placements but also incorporate them as an important part of their services. 

Aurora had firsthand knowledge of the role after her brother with a disability received supports through SOT. She saw the leaps and bounds in progress he made with activities and interventions that were a lot of fun to be part of according to Aurora: 

“My mum and I would get involved to help him out and it was like play for purpose.” 

“Recently we saw him complete a maze on paper while we were having lunch and we just looked at each other in shock – he’s come such a long way.” 

Aurora has been so inspired that she completed her certificate 3 in AHA at Tafe as a Vet course during her HSC and now works permanent part time in the clinic.  

The team describe her as a ‘future OT’ and while that’s appealing to Aurora, the lack of local study options makes it a difficult choice: 

“I’m very involved in the local community and I’m not ready to move away.” 

Aurora is well loved in the clinic and is so passionate about her work that she has volunteered to run Saturday morning group classes to support those on waiting lists and to assist working family’s that struggle to attend intervention mid-week. Her and Hayden make a formidable team. 

Hayden’s entry into the industry was not a typical pathway but the experience he brings is of enormous benefit. 

Hayden initially completed a cabinetry trade but began to wonder whether it was a career he could do long term. Health seemed like an area with long term career security so he obtained a certificate 4 qualification in AHA online and reached out to the SOT team via email. They brought him in for a chat and could see his potential to build rapport with people. What they didn’t fully appreciate at the time but certainly do now, is his ability to build other things as well: 

“Hayden’s background means he can easily assist with measurements and helping therapists draw diagrams of the modifications needed using computer software, which means we can often help people faster,” said Claire, SOT Principal OT. 

Hayden is grateful that none of his previous learnings have gone to waste but also that they’ve propelled him closer to where he wants to be: 

“I really enjoy making a difference for people and finding creative ways of helping them that resonates with them whether that’s through games like Minecraft or participating in bike riding or sense rugby.” 

Hayden has been identified as one of SOT’s emerging leaders and will undergo further training and development. SOT also hopes to expand their services to the Bay and Basin area where Hayden lives. For updates on featured employer Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy, sign up to our Regional Career Builder newsletter today at: 



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