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A Day in the Life of… A Vet

Jordan’s journey to becoming a veterinarian was not a straightforward one. Growing up in the United States, he initially thought he would pursue a career in human medicine. He studied Biological Sciences and even took part in a healthcare practicum at a local hospital. However, to his surprise, he found that he hated it. The specialized nature of medicine, the bureaucracy, and the way it was being practiced did not align with his interests and values. It was during this time that he spoke to a classmate who was applying to Vet school, and Jordan decided to volunteer at a local animal hospital. To his delight, he found that he really enjoyed working with animals.

Despite knowing that he wanted to become a veterinarian, it took some time for Jordan to be accepted into Vet studies. He had been waitlisted in the U.S and eventually applied to Sydney. During his studies, he did a placement at Berry Vet Clinic and fell in love with the mixed practice model. He enjoyed seeing all types of animals, from small cats and dogs to large cattle and equine. After graduating, Jordan had multiple interviews lined up, but he ultimately chose Berry Vet Clinic because it passed the ‘vibe check.’ 

“It’s a very warm workplace, sometimes at clinics you find that while the environment has to be sterile their culture is too.”

“In a small private practice, you also get a lot more say in managing cases,” Jordan explains. This was another factor that drew him to Berry Vet Clinic. Jordan and his wife have now based themselves in the seaside village of Kiama, where he splits his time between the Shell Cove and Berry Clinics. As he reflects on his first year as a veterinarian, Jordan recalls some of the highlights, including a heartwarming story about a Shih Tzu x Poodle named Cola.

‘Cola was suffering from a paralysis tick while on holiday in the area,’ Jordan shares. ‘The owners were due to travel home, but I didn’t feel Cola was stable enough to leave yet. I checked on her all weekend and even asked for updates on my day off. Eventually, she pulled through.’ The owners were so grateful for Jordan’s dedication and care that they asked for a photo with him before they left and even emailed an update on their return home. Moments like these make Jordan’s job as a veterinarian even more rewarding.

Another standout moment for Jordan occurred when he was attending a continuing education course with dinner at the local pub. However, he was called to a cow calving emergency:  

“I was able to successfully deliver the calf, and return to the dinner halfway through with photos so show for it.” Jordan recalls.  

“It was a great feeling to be appreciated and to know that I had made a difference in that moment.”

Jordan is grateful for the opportunities and experiences he has had at Berry Vet Clinic. He is excited to continue growing and learning in his career as a veterinarian and is grateful to be a part of such a warm and welcoming workplace. As he looks towards the future, Jordan is eager to see what other challenges and heartwarming moments await him in his journey as a veterinarian. 


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