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A Day in the Life of… A Vet Nurse

Sahra’s journey in the veterinary industry has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. She started off working at a local veterinary practice while studying for her Animal Nursing and Veterinary Nursing certifications. However, the constant feeling of being overlooked for permanent work eventually took its toll on her. In search of a change, she decided to take a position at the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter.

It was at the shelter that Sahra’s passion for animals was reignited. She met a vet from Berry Vet clinic who was impressed with her skills and offered her a job on the spot. Despite initially keeping her weekend shifts at the shelter, Sahra decided to give the new job a chance. And she couldn’t be happier with her decision.

Four years later, Sahra is still working at Berry Vet clinic and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. She describes the team as welcoming and the work environment as fun and respectful. She has formed amazing friendships and loves the variety of tasks she gets to do on a daily basis. From working with large animals on farms to assisting in surgeries and consultations, Sahra enjoys every aspect of her job.

One of her favourite parts of the job is being involved in surgical procedures. She loves the opportunity to focus and learn, and then see the patient recover and get back to their usual selves. Sahra also enjoys the chance to work with one patient throughout the day, providing them with the best care possible. 

Sahra grew up on the South Coast and it has always held a special place in her heart. She loves the unique blend of country and coastal living that this region offers. As a child, she was a water baby and spent most of her days at the beach, building sandcastles and swimming in the crystal-clear waters. 

Even as she grew older, Sahra’s love for the South Coast never wavered. She found that after a weekend in the bustling city of Sydney, she was always eager to return to the fresh air, the stunning landscapes, and the opportunity to visit the local farms whilst out on a large animal call.  

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