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A Day in the Life of… A Vet Nurse Receptionist

Trish’s love for large animals began at a young age, growing up on a dairy farm in Victoria. She was always surrounded by cows, horses, and other farm animals, and developed a deep appreciation for their care and well-being. When she met her husband while travelling, they decided to settle on the South Coast where she could find work on a farm and he could be close to family. Little did she know, her love for animals would lead her down a different path.  

One day, while working on a farm, a vet from Berry Vet Clinic came to flush embryos from cows. Impressed by Trish’s potential, he offered her a job on the spot. Although she didn’t take the job at the time, the vet’s words stayed with her. Ten years later, when Trish was looking for work, the same vet reached out to her and asked if she was still interested in the job. She couldn’t believe he remembered her after all those years.  

Trish learned to be a vet nurse on the job 16 years ago and has been a familiar face at the clinic ever since. She takes pride in her work and is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it’s vaccinating herds of cows or assisting hobby farmers who are still learning. However, her role at the clinic has evolved over the years. With younger nurses coming through who are eager to gain hands-on experience, Trish now spends most of her time in reception, making people and their pets feel comfortable when they arrive. She also triages phone calls, determining who needs urgent care and rearranging appointments if necessary. Trish understands the importance of taking the time to assess a situation over the phone, as it can make a big difference in patient outcomes.  

Trish also values the work environment at Berry Vet Clinic, noting the positive changes that owners Sarah and Bryden have implemented. In the past, she would have days where she didn’t even have time for a bathroom break, but now the clinic closes at lunchtime, giving everyone a chance to eat and take a break. They also close earlier in the evening, allowing employees to spend more time with their families.  

While there are certainly tough days on the job, such as when pets need to be euthanised, Trish finds great fulfilment in her work. She recalls heartwarming moments, like seeing a puppy she helped resuscitate come back for its first vaccination or a previously injured dog walking out the door. These moments make all the hard work and dedication worth it. Trish’s passion for animals and her dedication to her job as a vet nurse is evident in the way she speaks about her work.  

She is a valuable member of the team at Berry Vet Clinic and her love for helping animals and their owners is truly inspiring. Trish’s story serves as a reminder that following your passion can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career. 

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