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A Day in the Life of… A Senior Occupational Therapist (OT)

Janines whole family worked in the health industry, and she had witnessed the way it could make a difference in people’s lives. Janine had a heart for people who were suffering or sick, so working in health was a given – it was simply a matter of working out which field suited her best.

Over 30 years ago, Janine mapped out and compared all types of allied health. Occupational Therapy stood out as the most interesting and diverse with the greatest opportunity to employ her creativity.

“In some areas of health, the interventions are fairly standard, in OT there are a lot of possible solutions, but you get to look at the options on a human level and find out what is actually important to the person.”

“It allows you to value a person for who they are despite their injury or illness, which is empowering.”

“Helping someone stay in their own home longer by supporting them to be more independent and installing equipment like grab rails or kitchen aids makes a huge difference to a person’s dignity and wellbeing,” she added.

About 11 years ago Janine was treated for cancer with her ankle amputated initially and later her knee along with chemotherapy treatment. Her lived experience has given her a unique insight into how a disability can affect a person’s self-esteem and their ability to feel seen and heard.

“Other people can take things like walking long distances for granted but I remember the struggle of learning to walk again.”

“I’ve learnt not to underestimate people but always hold the candle of hope for what is possible, even if it’s only a tiny flicker to begin with,” she added.

Janine has recently added counselling to her services at Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy after completing a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Certificate 4 in Mental Health. To her it was a natural fit to be able to explore with clients the role understanding and managing emotions/beliefs can play in recovery.

Janine reports that she has received a lot of support from Nathan and Claire and notes how visionary they are in the way they operate the business.

Janine says she has no regrets about making the decision to move to the South Coast 25 years ago. Adding that its ‘a vibrant community full of arts, culture and unspoilt nature’.

If you’re interested in learning more about the important role of AHA’s in supporting OT’s at SOT read more via the ‘In the Know’ section on our website.


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