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A Day in the Life of… A Senior Broker: Growing a Family and a Career

While Jen admits to falling into the insurance industry, she’s been on her way up ever since. 

“I was asked to fill in for reception at Macey Insurance Brokers Bowral office when a staff member was away and 16 years later, I haven’t left!” 

“Everyone gets along so well; we are like a family here. We have good banter; it’s a positive environment and you just want to come to work.” 

While Jen started in reception she quickly moved through the ranks. She became a Brokers Assistant – preparing documents and learning the ropes, she completed her Tier 1 & 2 training as well as Diploma and was given the opportunity to ‘grow her own book’ as an Account Manager. 

“I love getting to know my clients, sometimes adopting all kinds of nicknames – we have a laugh together and are able to lend an ear in tough times.” 

“The team is incredibly supportive – there’s always someone to get advice from and the learning keeps you on your toes.” 

“Some days we are working on renewals, or changes to existing policies like adding assets, other days we are getting to know new client’s needs.” 

“I’d become bored if my job didn’t continue to evolve and everything stayed the same, insurance is always changing and keeps my brain ticking.” 

Jen grew up in Sydney before her family moved to the Southern Highlands in her later teens. She always thought she’d return to the city and even did for a short stint before realising it was no longer for her. 

“I missed walking down the street, saying hi to people and people responding, making eye contact and building relationships.” 

 With 2 kids and the ability to work part time, Jen is glad she stayed: 

“I’m grateful I can prioritise my family without sacrificing being in a professional role”  

“That’s never an issue here, they have always supported me to do what I need to do and grow at the same time,” added Jen. 


Macey Insurance Brokers offers regional, family friendly careers across the Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Southern Highlands. Learn more about their careers here 


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