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A Day in the Life of… A New Home Sales Consultant: Sales but Not for the Sake the Selling

Alex remembers vividly the time she couldn’t escape a pushy salesperson in a shopping centre. She was earning minimum wage at Big W at the time but felt cornered into buying an expensive hair straightener that she couldn’t afford. She was determined to never make anyone ever feel like that, which is probably why working in sales was the last thing on her mind… 

From Big W Alex went on to Manage an Aldi store and studied a business degree at Griffith University remotely. Feeling like a change, she went for an Estimating role at Hotondo Homes South Coast. It was filled by someone with more experience but with a vacancy in the Sales Team and recognition of her potential, Alex was offered a role there instead.  

Despite the steep learning curve Alex went on to experience significant success – winning ‘National Sales Consultant of the Month’ for around 18 months. She puts the results down to really listening to what people want and offering them that rather than pushing things onto them for the sake of boosting numbers. She says she has also been provided with extensive training and development: 

“Adam has always been very approachable, and he brought in Fred – a sales coach who has offered so much support.” 

“We’ve all undertaken DISC personality assessment and training and that’s helped me to understand why I’m so process driven and why I’d ultimately like to still work towards estimating but its also helped me understand clients and why some prefer more information and meetings than others.” 

Alex has been with the business for 5 years including maternity leave and was grateful for the opportunity to ease back into things after her son was born. She now works 4 days a week, 5 minutes from home and enjoys the variety of the role:  

“Some days ill be meeting new clients, or presenting requested changes in plans to other clients, other days ill be looking at geo tech reports to consider the impact of soil types on foundation costs – no two days are the same,” added Alex. 

Alex looks forward to continuing to grow her career with Hotondo South Coast, and is earmarked to move into the Estimating team, which she is excited about.  

Are you Hotondo South Coast’s next Sales Cadet aspiring to grow your career as a New Homes Sales Consultant? This career opportunity is open now 


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