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A Day in the Life of… A Mature-Junior Accountant: From Scaffolder to Accountant

Daniel had a few careers by the time he turned 30. Eager to work straight out of school he’d joined the Navy and thought that meant he’d missed the boat on studying. 

At 24 he left the Navy not liking the prospect of moving to Darwin and being so far from his family. He became a Concreter and later a Scaffolder with Manildra. At 30 and now with a family of his own, he began to think about his future and how he’d physically cope long term as a tradie. 

A phone call with his mum challenged his mindset that study and starting a new career was something you can only do at 18. She was pondering studying Psychology through Open Universities. Daniel decided to give them a call as well and by the end of the conversation had enrolled in an Accounting Degree.  

Two weeks later he started and two months later he met Darren – a Director at Financial Dynamics (FD) at a Shoalhaven Professional Business Association (SPBA) event. Daniel later called Darren and went in for a ‘Career Chat’ with all the Directors at FD to learn what his options could be in terms of studying while working. They liked that he had contacted them, they could see how motivated he was to make his newfound career a success and while they didn’t have a place for him at that time, it wasn’t long before they did. 

Today, 9 months in and in the second year of his part time degree, Daniel is enjoying going to work each day. He loves the work environment, the team culture and the challenge of learning on the job. His mentor and FD Director Julie says Daniel is building strong foundations: 

“Daniel is very process driven and doing well at profit and loss statements, activity statements and tax returns for micro businesses with the support of the team around him.” 

The culture of FD has been likened to that of a sporting team where everyone has a different role to play but all are working towards a common goal, which is why diversity is so important emphasises Julie: 

“If we were all the same, we wouldn’t be successful.” 

“Everyone has their position to play on the team and that diversity brings different ways of looking at things.” 

“Daniels previous experience has given him a strong work ethic and that really shines through,” she added. 

Daniels new career has not only given him the chance to remain on the South Coast where he grew up and loves going fishing but also gives him more opportunities at home: 

“My son is 3 and I get to wake up when he does now and help him get ready for his day.” 

“I’m also less physically exhausted so I can chip in more around the house and be more hands on as a dad.” 

“The South Coast is the best place in the world to raise a family so I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given – I only wish my 24-year-old self had of known what was possible,” he added. 

Daniel is not the only one who’s experienced the opportunity to have it all at FD, check out Director Julie’s story here 


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