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A Day in the Life of… A Junior Arborist: The Thrill of Climbing Trees for a Living 

When Elias’ best mate tragically died in a motorbike accident, it got him thinking… 

After graduating from high school Elias had tried a few jobs like landscaping but found raking dirt for hours on end unfulfilling.  

He’d had several conversations with his mate before his passing about his newfound career as a tree lopper. His mate was working towards his certification as an Arborist and shared stories from on the job. 

Elias decided to pursue that, not just because it sounded like something he’d enjoy as well but ultimately for his mate who no longer could. 

Elias asked around to find out if anyone was hiring. He reached out to A&D Tree Services, got a call from Cody (the owner) the next day and had an interview on the Saturday. He’s now been in the job 4 months and is loving every minute: 

“I enjoy the adrenaline of the job, working with the guys and just the thrill of it – there’s always something different and interesting going on.” 

“My mum is cheering that I’ve found something I’m passionate about but she doesn’t want to see any video footage from up high anytime soon,” he laughed. 

A&D are supporting Elias to study at TAFE both financially and timewise while he enjoys a variety of tasks on the job. 

“I’m part of the ground crew at big jobs at the moment so I’m looking forward to the day I can get up in the bigger trees.” 

“I’ve done excavating, clearing land, cutting up logs and using the bobcat to load firewood and mulch into people’s cars.” 

“I’ve operated the chipper and been up in the EVP (elevated work platform) and I always come home in a good mood,” he added. 

After finding his niche, Elias can’t imagine being anywhere else: 

“I did a stint in Sydney and did the commute each day, I much prefer being back here and spending time with family on the weekends or getting the paddle board out on the Bay,” he added. 

To find out more visit A&D’s Featured Employer page on our website 




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