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A Day in the life of… A Graduate Occupational Therapist (OT): Being a Full time Creative Problem Solver

While Jill’s sister decided to be a physiotherapist and ‘fix’ problems people were facing, Jill liked the idea of coming up with creative ideas to help them work around those challenges in the meantime: 

“I love finding out what is important to people and problem solving to help them keep doing those things while they’re still on a journey to recovery.” 

“Small things can make a big difference to people’s wellbeing,” she added. 

Jill studied at Charles Sturt University and had a few placements before arriving at Shoalhaven Occupational Therapy (SOT). She had always wanted to live near the coast: 

“My family and I used to holiday on the South Coast and my sister now lives here too so I like being close to my nephew and enjoying the lifestyle here with them.” 

“I also get to enjoy a real variety at work, I could be helping an 8-year-old with their handwriting skills in the morning and an 80-year-old with their powered wheelchair in the afternoon.” 

“I don’t know what I want to specialise in yet so having such a diverse case load gives me an opportunity to explore all areas.” 

“I also like getting out into schools and in the community – no two days are ever the same,” added Jill. 

Jill is also the Wellbeing Officer of the team – organising team walks, yoga and other activities: 

“It gives us the chance to switch off from work and connect on a personal level – we have a very supportive culture here.” 

“We’ve gone bowling and played putt putt – everyone’s family is welcome and there’s always cake involved.” 

Working with Allied Health Assistants (AHA’s) is another highlight for Jill: 

“They really help with our caseload – prepping clients for us, assisting with administrative tasks, setting up reports and making resources.” 

“It means we are able to support a lot more people and in a cost-effective way for them.” 

“There is also a bonus system for clinicians, which is a really nice surprise in your pay packet that you wouldn’t get if you were working in a government role,” she added. 

Jill is SOT’s dedicated Student Co-ordinator. She’s always open to a career chat with OT students seeking placements and exploring their career options post-graduation. 





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