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A Career That Ticks all The Boxes

When UK based Dan and his family drove through Nowra on their way to Batemans Bay for a family holiday in 2011, he didn’t realise at the time that it was the location of the Australian office connected to the English company he worked for. He and his family enjoyed the scenery, weather and beaches and when Dan was offered a role here in 2018, they were pleasantly surprised to learn that the location was a familiar one.

Dan, his wife and 3 kids excitedly packed all their possessions into a 40-foot container, sold their house and made the move. They flew into Sydney where Alkath Directors Phil and Laurie sent a limo to pick them up- a surprise that Dan remembers fondly.

They rented a place at South Nowra, learning to live a minimalist lifestyle until all their belongings arrived 2 months later – spending all their time outdoors, doing the 100 beach challenge, completing every walk published in the book of ‘Shoalhaven walks’ and falling in love with the underwater world at Jervis Bay.

Dan jokes that he’s probably seen and experienced more of the region than most of his colleagues:

“We are a really active family, often out at the weekend bush walking or snorkelling at some secluded beach. we’ve taken up free diving and the kids love going to a locally run ocean school during the summer months.”

“We’ve been most places there are to go and are always looking for new things to try,” he adds.

Dan feels lucky to have found a role in his technical expertise outside of a major city.

“I’m a Radio Electronics Engineer which is quite a niche occupation, so I’m grateful that I get to do what I love in a beautiful place like this, where salaries are comparable to metro areas and in a company that is family orientated. There is flexibility and work-life balance here but also very exciting and challenging projects that am responsible for delivering .”

“I haven’t had to be limited in my role, I’ve got a level of creativity and freedom that I enjoy. A major project that I’m working on now is the first of its kind in Australia, so the spotlight is on us to deliver.”

“The work we do is interesting and very important, it’s not mundane – there’s the opportunity to travel. It’s not strictly office based either – there’s opportunities to deploy equipment in the field. The company has worked hard to build and maintain a great reputation with Defence and as we continue to grow there will be more opportunities to show case our skills and capabilities.”

“I’d encourage other engineers looking for variety in their role and the chance to build their career within a stable, supportive company to consider us at Alkath Group in the Shoalhaven, it certainly ticks all the boxes,” added Dan.


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